Reporting Player Abuse and Bugs


To have access to the reporting privilege, you need:

  • at least 20 hours of game play
  • no more than 3 suspensions
  • no more than 3 invalid reports in the past 31 days

What makes a valid report?

  • Your report should contain proof of the problem (Visual screenshot)
  • The problem should be important and obvious like repeated swearing, sexting, racist and violent.
  • Being annoying, mean or following someone is no reason for suspension and will most likely be invalidated.
  • Only English language will be validated. If the moderator does not understand the language, it will be invalid.

How to create a report

  1. Press on the report button (or the F2 button on your keyboard) with a proof of the the problem in view. It will capture a screenshot of the chat and players on screen.
  2. Confirm that the screenshot has a proof of the problem. (Important or the report will be rejected)
  3. Select the type of report (Player Report or Game Bug Report)
  4. If the case of a player report, select which player was causing the problem
  5. Describe the rule that was broken
  6. Done!


Moderators will then look at the reports and take action on them using the Moderation Tool. When in doubt, they can assign the report to administrator and I will make a final review on the report.