Our beloved online moderators

Hello everyone,

Just a quick message to everyone about moderators. I have been getting many emails about moderators being mean, not answering your questions, not following up on your player reports, etc.

I need to make a few things clear:

  • Moderators are players. They have the right, just as any of you, to have fun and to enjoy the game. They cannot be expected to be always on duty.
  • They will not investigate every little player misbehaviours in the game. They are not “bad player” hunters. I trust their judgement to interfere when there’s a serious rules violation from a player. Trivial matters should be simply handled by the players, by using the block button.
  • Mods gets many questions, from many people and often at the same time. They do not ignore you, they just can’t answer everyone and do everything at the same time. Make sure to read the website’s FAQ, Help contents. Often the common questions are already answered there.
  • Remember to respect moderators. If you’re looking for trouble with them, they have the right to suspend you.
  • Finally, remember that moderators are simply players with a special permission to take action on those not following the rules.

Remember this is just a game 🙂