Moderator Guide

This document is the base guideline for Chit Chat City moderators. Each section contains detailed documentation on every aspect of the moderators.

The Moderator Role

A moderator is a player with special privileges and responsibilities. They will handle player reports and take action upon them based on their good judgement. Also a moderator is a role model and should set the example for other players.

To find out who are the other moderators (when you are a moderator yourself), type “mods” in the find player window, where you normally type the name of a player to search.

Chit Chat City Rules

The moderator MUST know and respect all the Chit Chat City rules. These rules are to be used as the basis on which all players must abide to. Moderators must make sure that all players abide to these rules. A moderator not abiding to these same rules will result in immediate termination of all moderator rights and/or account suspension or ban.


Offending players are to be given a warning report for the first offence. If the offence is repeated, a suspension report will be sent to the player. A suspension is given if the offence is repeated with no sign of stopping.


When suspended, the player’s account and all accounts from the same home/network won’t be accessible for 4 hours or more. Remember that a suspension is very serious and should not be given for trivial matters. When suspended multiple times, the account will get disabled permanently. Chit Chat City provides for a predefined set of common reasons to use when reporting or suspending a player. The moderator should give as much detail as possible for the reason of the report or suspension as for the player to know what he/she did. If in doubt, a moderator should consult another online moderator. A second opinion is always helpful and could help in the decision to take.

Good Judgment

The moderator special powers MUST NEVER be abused. Abusing of the moderator powers will result in immediate termination of all moderator rights and/or account suspension or ban. Don’t warn players for little and trivial stuff. It’s unnecessary and will simply frustrate players towards moderators. Good judgment and maturity is expected from a moderator. Remember this is not a witch hunt, tolerate the trivial matters.

Moderator Score

Based on how active (play often) you are and how many reports you review, you have a moderator score that will represent if you meet the expectations to stay a moderator. It’s normal to move on to other things (surely more important) but I need moderators to be active in order to keep the game running smoothly.

Moderator Tools

As a moderator you have the following extra tools:

  • You can see what all the players in the city says, even private messages
  • You can delete items from a player’s house when they are obviously against the rules (naked, sexual, violent, etc)
  • You can create a report and auto-suspend a player for serious matters
  • You can review other player’s reports and approve/invalidate them
  • You can get information about a property’s owner

Remember to use these tools responsibly and don’t abuse them for personal purposes.


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