Mobile App BETA

You’ve been waiting for it for months, well I’m proud to announce we’re ready for open BETA testing of the Android mobile version of the app.

For iOS users, I will open a separate BETA in a few weeks.

What is a BETA

A BETA is a pre-release preview of the final app. It may contain a few bugs but should generally be usable. A few things have changed for the mobile UI and touch interactions, so don’t consider these as bugs. ┬áIf the app won’t work at all or crashes often, you may be using a device that’s too old or without enough processing power or memory. Remember to test on a stable WiFi first as cellular connections tends to be of lower quality.

If you find major bugs with it, please open a bug report in the app itself. Remember to stick to bugs, for suggestions or improvements, please use the suggestions club.

What changed

  • Daylight cycle in all cities
  • Cities are limited to 20×20 (you cannot drive through a public city like before)
  • Cities are fully loaded when you move to them, that will improve performance while playing
  • One house lot is visible at a time
  • In the house builder window, you can drag the scene around using the 4 arrow button (no need to move your avatar)

Known Issues

Here’s a few things I’m working on, no need to report them:

  • No snow in Northern Breeze
  • Cemetery is small
  • Few UI improvements for touch controls

Beta testing

To start beta testing, open the following link on your Android device and follow the instructions.