Major Update

Hi citizens! In order to pave the way for the release of the mobile app of Chit Chat City, a few changes will happen to the game in the next few weeks:

Limited house lots in public cities

Any rented house lot or public places like public shops, cafes, etc will be limited in size. In other words, you won’t get to drive across the neighbourhood as before. The main reason for this change is a technical one; the memory and processing power of a mobile app is lower than a computer’s. The positive aspect to this will also be that everything will be loaded once you arrive to a location, instead of gradually loading the images, so a snappier experience. This should also improve the gameplay performance for those with low-end computers.

Cemetery City

With the help of the moderators, we will re-design the Cemetery city to fit in a smaller city size, and add multiple floors with different levels of difficulty and rewards! This will gradually be changed over the next few weeks.


As many things changed in the new version as opposed to the old one, I will try to keep a list here so you don’t assume it’s a bug. For everything else, please send a bug report.

Other Changes
  • Guest players are now visible
  • When building your avatar won’t walk anymore, instead the camera will pan around
  • The scene is one property/city at a time (it’s normal to have the boundaries as black
  • You can now use the mouse wheel or pinch gesture on the app to zoom in/out your scene
  • The order of mail and club messages was reversed to better work on the app when keyboard pops from under

Mobile Apps

I recently got the game approved for AppStore, so once I got the remaining little bug fixes completed, I will probably skip the beta and go straight to a full release for iOS devices on AppStore. At the same time, I will make the Android App available publicly to all.

In-App Purchases

With the upcoming mobile apps, you will get an alternative way to get gold by using the in-game purchases through AppStore or Google Play (like any other game). This means that AppStore/Google Play cards you find in stores can be used to purchase gold/credit packs.