How to open a Shop

You want to sell your creations? Good idea! Chit Chat City is all about creativity and earning credits from what you create. You can turn your house into a store simply buy purchasing a shop block, which will allow you to place your creations on it in order to sell them.

  1. You first need a property
  2. You can purchase the shop block in the Shopping City (-25, 5), in the Furniture Shop.
  3. Once purchased, place an block on the ground and place one of your created items on it.
  4. Click on it to set a name and price.
  5. Note that you can see the number of sales on that same window so you can optimize your best selling items.
  6. For each sale, you will receive 50% of the sale price

Shopping City

House lots in Shopping City are reserved for Shops and costs 10,000 credits monthly to keep.