How to Become a Moderator

What can I do to get picked?

  • Never ask me (Matt) directly to become a moderator.
  • Don’t Ask, talk about or beg about becoming a moderator in-game.
  • Respect Chit Chat City rules (don’t get reported / suspended)
  • Send valid player and bug reports. Too many invalid reports will get you discarded.
  • Be helpful, respectful and friendly to other players.
  • Have at least 300 hours of playtime
  • Invite many friends to play Chit Chat City with your Buddy Link

Note that following all these rules will NOT make you automatically a moderator, but it raises your chances.

How will I get picked?

When I require new moderators, I will run a report to list players that matches the above criteria. I will pick the best from the list.

What are my responsibilities as a mod?

Please also review the moderator guide to have a good understanding of what a moderator’s responsibilities are.

Have Fun on CCC!

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