Lagging, slow loading and disconnects

Causes for disconnects

Online games, unlike websites, requires a permanent connection between your computer and the server. Because of this, it is more likely the connection will get closed if:

  • Your computer, or other computers in your home uses too much internet bandwith (youtube, hd videos, etc)
  • Your house is far away from the United States, where the server is located
  • Your computer has a slow CPU or doesn’t have enough free memory left (RAM)
  • Your browser have some extensions that messes with the game page

If you can’t connect at all, please make sure your firewall and network allows outgoing connections on port #1935.

Tips to improve connection quality

If you lose connection often or have difficulty connecting, please follow these tips:

  • Close all other applications and windows from your computer and only leave Chit Chat City open
  • Avoid websites that takes a lot of bandwidth, like listening to music on youtube for example
  • Are other people in your home using the Internet as well? (i.e. watching online movies, youtube, etc)
  • Use a wired connection (ethernet port) instead of the WiFi, this will guarantee a more stable connection
  • Avoid using incognito or anonymous browser tabs; they force all content to be re-downloaded every time
  • Disable all browser extensions
  • Scan your computer for malware/viruses

Server load

You may also have trouble connecting if the server is down for maintenance or experiencing unexpected load. In these cases there’s nothing on your end that can be done, we’ll try to get the server up as fast as possible and improve the server performance so as many players as possible can play.