How to build your own house

Property Locator
For Sale Property Sign

You can find available house lots in a city by using the property locator in the city’s center. Most properties costs around 800 credits to purchase. Properties in Shopping City are reserved for player shops and costs a monthly rent of 10,000 credits.

To buy your own house:

  1. Earn 800 credits by defeating zombies
  2. Go to a city’s center
  3. Use the Property Locator to find the closest available house lot
  4. If no lot is available, try a different city
  5. Once you’re arrived at the property sign, click on it to buy the property
  6. Done! You can now start building your home!
  7. You will find objects, walls, etc in the stores located in Shopping City

Can I get more than one house?

No, It is not possible at the moment. You may therefore buy an elevator to add an extra floor to your home.