Hi CCC Citizens, I’m saddened to inform you all that Chit Chat City will be shutting down on August 1st, 2018.

The Story of Chit Chat City

It all started about 8 years ago. I had a childhood dream of building my own game. Over the span of a few months, I started off coding an online chat room, then added items and avatars. I hated how most online games only lets you pick pre-drawn stuff and change colour and call it customization. Inspired by Minecraft and Second Life type of games, I thought, why not let the players draw their own items? Drawing your own items and owning your little piece of land would make the game very personal because you have an impact on the game world.

Back then I was assuming online communities would be represented by well mannered and respectful people. Well most people were, but some wanted attention, constantly pushed the boundaries or needed to release real-world pressure into something.

Then came the moderation system. I never thought I would have to code something this complex when I started building Chit Chat City. I must have spent over 60% of my time setting up rules, report workflows, suspensions, investigations, tools, etc. Reporting allowed players to flag bad players when I wasn’t around as it soon became impossible for me to handle on my own. Then the moderators, player volunteers with good judgement would help out with the reviewing and we were able to quickly take action on the players not respecting the rules.

This single-developer game turned into a much more complex system. With every addition, some players were happy some unhappy for various reasons. I tried to balance everything to make the majority happy and keep things fair.

Adding new functionalities caused bugs, and players were very helpful in reporting the bugs to me so I could fix them quickly. The game has never been too stable, but I believe new stuff would always be more interesting than a static never-changing game.

In the past year, the player base and income went down greatly and the move towards the mobile platforms became a must, so I focused mainly on creating the CCC apps for iOS and Android, hoping it would give a second breath to the game. It was more than a challenge. I had to re-code most of the game and optimize to run on mobile platforms. Meanwhile, I tried to add stuff here and there to keep the players happy, but it wasn’t nearly enough for sure.

I’ve always been very proud of what I achieved. In the past years, there has been multiple sad events that made me distance myself from the game more and more. The income generated is barely enough to keep the server running the game and new online regulations/requirements required major changes that prevents me to keep it running.

Chit Chat City had a good run. Being online for around 8 years is a great achievement. I’ve been thinking about this many times over the last year and I believe it’s time for me to move on.

I plan on shutting down the game for good on August 1st 2018.

Online Payments

Gold and credit purchases will be disabled until the final day of CCC. If you attempt to purchase, you will shown the following message, it’s not a bug, just the simplest way for me to disable payments.

Sorry, for security reasons, you are limited to 2 purchases every 10 days.

Whats next?

Make sure to take screenshots for memories, put up some #rememberccc youtube photo slideshows as the game won’t be accessible after August 1st. Mods are working on setting up a farewell party, which I will be sure to attend to.

Thank You!!!

I want to thank the moderators throughout the years for the support, help, testing, conversations and for backing me up every time the game was in trouble. Special thanks to Redskull and Download, for your time, dedication and friendship, to all the extremely talented artists that made my objects look like the work of an amateur ;), and to those players that were simply enjoying the game, being respectful and didn’t get into trouble. It pains me to bring closure on Chit Chat City, probably one of my life’s greatest achievements, and I thank you for respecting my decision and not trying to make me change my mind.