Send Gold to friends

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send-gold3You have a few extra gold coins that you wish to send to your friends? You can now send them using the “Send Gold” button found on the player’s info window.

You will be asked to confirm with a code sent to your email address for security.


  • Do NOT share your login information with anyone
  • Make sure your email (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc) has a DIFFERENT password than your Chit Chat City account to prevent unauthorized transactions.
  • You can’t transfer credits with the tool, only gold coins.

Game Age Rating

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Rating System Region Rating Category Descriptors
PEGI Europe 3 Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor iconSocial interaction functionality descriptor iconIn-app purchase option descriptor icon
USK Germany 0 Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor icon
ESRB The Americas T Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor icon
CLASSIND Brazil L Rating Symbol Não há inadequações descriptor icon
Generic 3 Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor icon

Chit Chat City caters mostly to “teens” (13+ years old). Due to the nature of social websites on internet, it’s nearly impossible to insure a 100% safe environment. Offensive content may be displayed or said by other players.

Language gets automatically filtered for most common “bad words”, before it gets displayed on screen. We’ve got a team of dedicated moderators volunteers that do their best to monitor the game for inappropriate content and take swift action against those who breaks the rules.

If you are not 13+ please confirm with your parent or tutor you have the permission to play.

As a parent, you can keep an eye on what you kid is doing while playing, we offer the Parent Watch Program.

Feel free to contact us if you have concerns.

Buddy Referral Program

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Hi everyone! Here’s the new Buddy Referral Program. It gives you a 10,000 credit bonus for each new player they bring over to Chit Chat City!

How to proceed:

  1. While playing in the game, open the players window (head icon on the right)
  2. At the bottom of the window, click the “Invite Friend” button.
  3. Using the “Invite your friends” window, type-in your friend’s email and click “Send invitation” to send an invitation email to your friend.

Once you friend receives the email, clicks on the link, creates a new account and plays for a total of 2 hours (in multiple play sessions), you get 10,000 bonus credits!!

It’s important to create the account from the buddy link sent by email / shared. Otherwise you won’t receive the bonus credits. Please also note that accounts created and played from your own house/network won’t be eligible for the bonus.

Lets make Chit Chat City grow!!

Block Player

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Hello, I have changed the ignore button for “Block”. When a player is being mean or misbehaving, simply click on the player and then on the block button. This will mute the player and prevent him/her from bugging you. Always use the block button before contacting a mod. Thanks!