Send Gold to friends

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send-gold3You have a few extra gold coins that you wish to send to your friends? You can now send them using the “Send Gold” button found on the player’s info window.

You will be asked to confirm with a code sent to your email address for security.


  • Do NOT share your login information with anyone
  • Make sure your email (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc) has a DIFFERENT password than your Chit Chat City account to prevent unauthorized transactions.
  • You can’t transfer credits with the tool, only gold coins.

COOP Building (Allowing friends to edit your city)

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COOP Builing allows you to open your city for editing to your friends!

  1. First off, you need to own a Player City
  2. Access the Build mode from the right toolbar
  3. In the bottom, select the “My City Info” button
  4. Change the Build permission to “Friends only”
  5. Purchase the COOP Build for 5 gold

You’re done! You can now invite your friends and have them help you build your city!

  • At any time, you can choose to change the build mode to allow or not players to modify your city.
  • You can only place items purchased from other players. All items from the public shops are not allowed to be used.


Zombie Hunting

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dark-zombieTo hunt Zombies, move to the Cemetery City and hold your mouse cursor over a zombie to attack it. If multiple players attacked the same zombie, a share of the credit’s worth will be given to each player based on how much damage was made.

If the zombies tires you out, you will automatically be transferred back to the cemetery entrance.

Lost Puppy

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screenshotIn Capital City, you can find the “Worried Puppy Owner” npc (non-player character) that will ask you to find her puppy at specific coordinates.

  1. Note the coordinates, (ex: -500, 100) can be negative and move to that location to find the puppy.
  2. Once you find the puppy, click on it and it will start following you.
  3. Don’t go too fast! if the puppy loses sight of you it will automatically return to the place you found it.
  4. When you’re next to the “Worried Puppy Owner” with the puppy, simply click on her to complete the quest and get the credits!



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What are helpers?

Helpers are Chit Chat City players who are available to answer questions for other players. They do not have any special powers like moderators, but offers their help for new players or for those having trouble in the game.

Remember that helpers are available to answer questions about the game, not to handle fights between players and such.

If as an helper you wish to be off duty, simply change your title back to whatever you want.

How to become an helper

To become an helper, simply change your title to “helper”. Note that you need at least 200 hours of play time and no suspension in the past 3 months.

Finding an helper

To find an helper, simply open the online players window and look for blue tiles:




Game Age Rating

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Rating System Region Rating Category Descriptors
PEGI Europe 3 Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor iconSocial interaction functionality descriptor iconIn-app purchase option descriptor icon
USK Germany 0 Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor icon
ESRB The Americas T Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor icon
CLASSIND Brazil L Rating Symbol Não há inadequações descriptor icon
Generic 3 Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor icon

Chit Chat City caters mostly to “teens” (13+ years old). Due to the nature of social websites on internet, it’s nearly impossible to insure a 100% safe environment. Offensive content may be displayed or said by other players.

Language gets automatically filtered for most common “bad words”, before it gets displayed on screen. We’ve got a team of dedicated moderators volunteers that do their best to monitor the game for inappropriate content and take swift action against those who breaks the rules.

If you are not 13+ please confirm with your parent or tutor you have the permission to play.

As a parent, you can keep an eye on what you kid is doing while playing, we offer the Parent Watch Program.

Feel free to contact us if you have concerns.

Lucky Wheel

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Spin this wheel every 4 hours and you may earn:

  • 0.5% chance to get 1 gold
  • 2% chance to get 10,000 credits
  • 15% chance to get 2,000 credits
  • 75% chance to get 500 credits

Best of luck to everybody!


Beware of the scams!

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Many players trusts a bit too easily promises made by other players to exchange their house lot for credits or even ask your account info (email & password) to participate in a contest. Some players may even offer you to buy gold for your account if you send them lots of credits.


The only safe exchange in the game is buying items from someone else. If you do trust another player and get hacked or lose credits, it will be YOUR responsibility.

Sorry for the direct words, but I get emails almost weekly of players that got scammed and needs me to do something about it. Your account is your responsibility and you will have to live with your choices.


Player Cities

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city-builderScreen Shot 2015-04-24 at 7.48.40 PMempty-spaceFor 5 gold (one-time purchase), you can now own a 40 x 40 city! The city building machine can be found in the gold shop, in Shopping city. No more rent!!

Important note: Your current house lot will be erased when you move to a player city.

With a player city, you will have access to a special management window to change your city name and specify who has access to your city.

This panel can be accessd from your build w
indow, by clicking on the house button.

A player city can be reset (emptied) but cannot be released, it will remain permanently until your account is deleted (after 1 year with no logins). Player houses are not transferrable.

Note that purchasing US$ can be done from pretty much any currency in the world (Euro, Pesos, etc). Paypal handles the conversion automatically for you.

Now what to do with all that space? 🙂