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Here’s the Achievement list:

Fisher Achievement

  • Apprentice (Level 1) – 100 fishes
  • Seasoned (Level 2) – 200 fishes
  • Expert (Level 3) – 500 fishes
  • Master (Level 4) – 1000 fishes

Zombie Achievement

  • Hunter (Level 1) – 100 zombies
  • Expert (Level 2) – 200 zombies
  • Neutralizer (Level 3) – 500 zombies
  • Killing Machine (Level 4) – 1000 zombies

Shop Achievement

  • Tiny Shop (Level 1) – 100 sales
  • Large Store (Level 2) – 500 sales
  • Popular Brand (Level 3) – 2000 sales
  • Top Brand (Level 4) – 5000 sales


Not receiving emails?

UPDATE: and users should now receive their emails, let me know if you still don’t. Thanks


Hello, for all players using an or and sometimes, know that they are often ignoring emails coming from Chit Chat City. Please either:

Add to your safe senders list

For or

  • Click on the cog icon, then mail settings
  • Click on “Safe and blocked senders”
  • Add to the safe senders list

Hope this helps!

Stock Market Guide

The stock market machine allows you to invest your credits to possibly earn a lot more if you choose wisely.

Stock current value

A stock value variates every hour and is represented in this graph:

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 9.51.33 AM

The current value is on the far-right, which in this case, the stock lost value in the past few hours.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 9.52.54 AM

  • The unit value is how much each unit is worth at the moment.
  • Variation is how much it changed since last hour.
  • Units owned is the number of units you currently own.
  • Total value is how much your units are worth at the moment.

Buying and Selling units

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 9.59.35 AM

When the value seems low you may want to buy units at a cheap price. To do so, enter the amount of units you wish to buy and press on the Buy button.

When your stock has gone up, you can sell back your units for a profit by entering the amount of units you wish to sell and clicking the Sell button


fishingFishing is a sport of patience and silence! It’s very important to be successful!

  1. First, go to Fishing City
  2. Move somewhere close to the fishes
  3. Wait there, without moving or making sound for a fish to approach
  4. When the fish stops in front of you and “*bites*” appears, quickly click on it to hook it up
  5. You will then receive credits for your fish

Some fishes are always hungry and will bite often, some are rarely hungry and will just ignore your bait. Remember to be patient!

Have fun everyone!

Slow Performance and Disconnects

Causes for disconnects

Online games, unlike websites, requires a permanent connection between your computer and the server. Because of this, it is more likely the connection will get closed if:

  • Your computer, or other computers in your home uses too much internet bandwith (youtube, hd videos, etc)
  • Your house is far away from Canada, where the server is located
  • Your computer is slow or doesn’t have enough free memory left

If you can’t connect at all, please make sure your firewall and network allows outgoing connections on port #1935.

Tips to improve connection quality

If you lose connection often or have difficulty connecting, please follow these tips:

  • Close all other applications and windows from your computer and only leave Chit Chat City open
  • Avoid websites that takes a lot of bandwidth, like listening to music on youtube for example
  • Are other people in your home using the Internet as well? (i.e. watching online movies, youtube, etc)
  • Use a wired connection (ethernet port) instead of the WiFi, this will guarantee a more stable connection

Server load

You may also have trouble connecting if the server is down for maintenance or experiencing unexpected load. In these cases there’s nothing on your end that can be done, we’ll try to get the server up as fast as possible and improve the server performance so as many players as possible can play.

Reporting Player Abuse and Bugs


To have access to the reporting privilege, you need:

  • at least 20 hours of game play
  • no more than 3 suspensions
  • less than 10 reports or 75% of your previous reports in the past 6 month should be valid (invalid reports are reports that rejected by moderators)

What makes a valid report?

  • Your report should contain proof of the problem (Visual screenshot)
  • The problem should be important and obvious like repeated swearing, sexting, racist and violent.
  • Being annoying, mean or following someone is no reason for suspension and will most likely be invalidated.

How to create a report

  1. Press on the report button (or the F2 button on your keyboard) with a proof of the the problem in view. It will capture a screenshot of the chat and players on screen.
  2. Confirm that the screenshot has a proof of the problem. (Important or the report will be rejected)
  3. Select the type of report (Player Report or Game Bug Report)
  4. If the case of a player report, select which player was causing the problem
  5. Describe the rule that was broken
  6. Done!


Moderators will then look at the reports and take action on them using the Moderation Tool. When in doubt, they can assign the report to administrator and I will make a final review on the report.

Buddy Referral Program

invite-friendHi everyone! Here’s the new Buddy Referral Program. It gives you a 10,000 credit bonus for each new player they bring over to Chit Chat City!

How to proceed:

  1. While playing in the game, open the players window (head icon on the right)
  2. At the bottom of the window, enter your friend’s email address in the “Invite Friend” box.
  3. Press enter to send the invitation

Once you friend receives the email, clicks on the link, creates a new account and plays for at least 2 hours (in multiple play sessions), you get 10,000 bonus credits!!

It’s important to create the account from the buddy link sent by email / shared. Otherwise you won’t receive the bonus credits.

Lets make Chit Chat City grow!!