Performance update

Hi everyone, I’ve been working hard for the past weeks to improve the game performance a step further. You should experience smoother play but perhaps some little bugs. Please let me know through the game report system if you experience problems.

Thanks and hoping this will make your experience better!


Chit Chat City 4th Birthday!

happybdayI’m proud to announce that of July 1st 2014, Chit Chat City will be 4 years old!

Thanks to you the players for being so creative and helping me improve Chit Chat City to what it has become today!

Long live Chit Chat City and it’s citizens!

I will be making an appearance on July 1st, at 7pm eastern time to celebrate with you all!



Café is Open!

All I can say is amazing work everyone! The cafe is better that I could ever imagine. I will surely repeat the experience in the future!

You can find it in shopping district at -23, -10 !

Here’s the biggest contributors:

contest winners:
1. calligraphy
2. robie
3. potato
4. laina
5. XMikasaX
6. fluffyunicorn
7. psychokid
8. zack
9. .Redskull.
10. netflix
special mentions to
1. -KinG-
2. chanyeol ™
3. alexia alle
4. ||nego
5. velvetcake < 3
6. verity
7. claire. B
8. marciano
9. alifaufa.
10. cece24680
11. life

Major update

Hello everyone, I have started the update of the server. I will keep you updated here on the progress. The update should take about 30 minutes.

April 27th – 5:30 EST
UPDATE: I should be done around 6 pm eastern time.
UPDATE: I had to restart the server (old one) while I figure out some stuff.. I may have to restart it later.

April 28th – 7:00 EST
I will be attempting the server update again. Thanks for your patience.

April 28th – 8:30 EST
Still no luck; the new server works but seems unstable.. I will try it again another day :(

Wish me luck!


Chit Chat City Café

Hi everyone! For this month, I’m thinking of setting up a collaborative effort to create a Chit Chat City Café by using items created by the players.

The items should be anything from walls, floors, tables, chairs, coffee machines, wall decorations, etc.

If you wish to participate, please get the contestant sign from the CCC Mart and place it next to the item(s) you wish to promote. The most popular items will be used in the new Café.

There won’t be prizes for this contest, other than having your own items in the official CCC Café!

Thanks everyone and have fun getting creative!

March Contest Winners

Here are March’s St-Patrick car contest winners!
Congratulations everyone!

#1 Calligraphy 407 votes
#2 Maiyumi 396 votes
#3 cece24680 218 votes
#4 Keigh 189 votes
#5 diamondbloom 178 votes
#6 Friez� 178 votes
#7 ?��marley273��? 160 votes
#8 Eli�Clare�Evans 152 votes
#9 Bella_Styles 149 votes
#10 PhoebeYaaah 136 votes

specialmentionSpecial mention goes to Lzzy_Mae:
the leprechaun on the front was really adorable and very unique.