Falling snow!

falling-snowLooking outside my home this morning, I noticed we received our first snow! It got me thinking I should finally add a falling snow in the Christmas store in Shopping City! Don’t put too many of those in your lot or it could lag ;)


New shops in Capital City!

new-player-shops-capital-cityRemember that new avatar shop showcasing player creations? Capital City has now 3 new stores for furniture, walls, floors, chairs, sofa, etc! All the selection is picked from the best selling player creations! Just like the avatar shop, the items are refreshed every monday.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Halloween contest winners!

#1 Chen. 366 votes
#2 ??Monami?? 325 votes
#3 Velvetcake 293 votes

Special mention to defluo! He made his lot based off five night at freddy’s a creepy pasta that was made into an online game that literally shocks your nerves and makes your hair turn white!

Halloween contest update – 2 days left!!!

Here’s the current ranking, 2 days before the end of the contest. Good luck!!

Halloween Best Decorations

ends on Nov 1, 2014 12:00:00 AM

#1 Chen. 347 votes
#2 ??Monami?? 309 votes
#3 Velvetcake 282 votes
#4 Zack 246 votes
#5 ?Harmony? 221 votes
#6 BlueBerryMuffin 194 votes
#7 karolina 171 votes
#8 Salt N’ Pepper 169 votes
#9 Mikasa. 141 votes
#10 Zeus 138 votes

Bug fixes

Hi everyone I have pushed a few bug fixes for the messages not fully displayed. Also I have set an upper limit to 50,000 credits for every user item you can put on a shopping block.

Halloween Best Decorations Contest

Here’s the current standing for the contest, you still have a few days to make a difference. Good luck!! Note that the contest ends on Nov 1, 2014 12:00:00 AM (eastern time)

#1 Velvetcake 212 votes
#2 Zack 201 votes
#3 Chen. 180 votes
#4 BlueBerryMuffin 161 votes
#5 ?Harmony? 150 votes
#6 karolina 111 votes
#7 Zeus 102 votes
#8 Mikasa. 99 votes
#9 Salt N’ Pepper 99 votes

Shared credit earning for zombies

halloween-ghostHi everyone, up to now, whoever who landed the final blow would get the credits from a zombie. This wasn’t very fair and let the gate open to “kill steals”.

You will now earn a share of the credits based on how much damage you made. In other words, if you hit it for 20 points and the zombie has 100 points, you earn 20% of the zombie’s credits. If you attacked it without nobody’s help, you get all the credits for yourself.