Reminder about emails

Chit Chat City LogoHello everyone, I’ve been receiving many emails with simple questions or suggestions that should be done on the forums. Please remember to limit the email to urgent matters like major bugs only. If you need help or answers, please check in the forums and FAQ first, you can get lots of info from both. Thanks for your cooperation!


Friends list limit to 200

Hello, as many of you have trouble with deleting lots of friends to reach the 200 limit, I will temporarily remove the limit and improve the way you can remove friends to make it faster.

I’m planning on lifting the limit tonight (friday 10th, evening eastern time)


Weird annoying ads?

If you’re seeing weird ads that pops over the page, please check if you have the DealPly adware (virus) installed:

Chit Chat City Twitter account disabled

Hi, just to let you all know that I have disabled the @chitchatcity twitter account. As trouble has recently happened there and that I have no control on what people say and who people say they are, I choose to shut it down.

I can’t find enough time to be active enough on all those platforms to answer questions, or give updates so I will limit updates to the website and questions/comments to the official CCC forums.

Thanks for understanding!

Matt’s new house design contest

Here are the current standings, you have until April 1st to participate! Good luck!

#1 Atotia 101 votes
#2 !Trisha! 93 votes
#3 Keigh 92 votes
#4 Zack 88 votes
#5 BlueBerryMuffin 85 votes
#6 *VanillaBerry* 70 votes
#7 Ashlynne 58 votes
#8 Sterling? 53 votes
#9 QueenAwesome 47 votes
#10 Bella Designs 42 votes


Introducing Club Mail!

player-club-mailYour club members aren’t online but you still wish to exchange with them? Not a problem! You can now use the new club mail to send mail to all members in the same way you use your mailbox.

To use this new feature, simply click on the new “Clubs” button, select a club and drop a message!