May’s Contest: A spring themed house!

This month’s contest winners will have the best spring-themed decorated house. Flowers, trees and everything that screams spring!

How to be a contestant

  • Get the “Contestant” sign from the CCC Mart in Shopping city
  • Place it in your house lot, close to the street.

How to vote

  • You can find a random contestant property by using the “Contestant” button on the map
  • Click on a contestant sign to add your vote
  • You can vote as many times as you want for different players (one vote from you by contestant will count)
  • Please don’t vote for items unrelated to the contest


Whoever gets the most votes will get these prices

  • 1st place: 10 gold coins
  • 2nd place: 5 gold coins
  • 3rd place: 2 gold coins

I can’t wait to see the results! Good luck!

Daily Lucky Wheel

Spin this wheel once a day (24 hours after last spin) and you may earn:

  • 1% chance to get 1 gold
  • 2% chance to get 10,000 credits
  • 15% chance to get 2,000 credits
  • 50% chance to get 500 credits

Best of luck to everybody!


Beware of the scams!

Many players trusts a bit too easily promises made by other players to exchange their house lot for credits or even ask your account info (email & password) to participate in a contest. Some players may even offer you to buy gold for your account if you send them lots of credits.


The only safe exchange in the game is buying items from someone else. If you do trust another player and get hacked or lose credits, it will be YOUR responsibility.

Sorry for the direct words, but I get emails almost weekly of players that got scammed and needs me to do something about it. Your account is your responsibility and you will have to live with your choices.


Buying gold – Parent watch change

coinsHi everyone, just to let you know that from now on, when you buy credits/gold, the Parent watch link will only be sent to the player receiving the credits and gold. It will be up to you to forward the link to your parent/tutor if needed.

This will allow anyone to buy credits/gold for anyone else, without fearing for your privacy.

Note that it is still impossible to send credits/gold from account to account, to prevent getting accounts hijacked (or hacked) to steal the gold.

Hope this helps!

Player Cities

city-builderScreen Shot 2015-04-24 at 7.48.40 PMempty-spaceFor 5 gold (one-time purchase), you can now own a 40 x 40 city! The city building machine can be found in the gold shop, in Shopping city. No more rent!!

Important note: Your current house lot will be erased when you move to a player city.

With a player city, you will have access to a special management window to change your city name and specify who has access to your city.

This panel can be accessd from your build w
indow, by clicking on the house button.

A player house can be reset emptied) but cannot be released, it will remain permanently until your account is deleted (after 1 year with no logins). Player houses are not transferrable.

Note that purchasing US$ can be done from pretty much any currency in the world (Euro, Pesos, etc). Paypal handles the conversion automatically for you.

Now what to do with all that space? :)


Updated Club Window

search-clubHi everyone, I have made some new updates to the clubs.

First off, you will all have an “Announcements” club, I will use it to announce stuff sometimes as I figured people would see it better than the home page of the website.

Also you can now search for existing clubs, and request to join them! Finally I have fixed a few bugs here and there and in these times of updates and changes, they usually show up, so thanks for reporting them to me :)

I’m planning on releasing the next big update over the weekend, stay tuned!

Gold coins!

coinsHi everyone, as you may have noticed I have added a new currency in Chit Chat City: Gold.

Gold will replace the gift you normally got when purchasing credits and with it, you will have access to premium content. New content will gradually become available in the Gold Shop (Shopping City) in the upcoming months, but the next big update (some of you already know) will require gold to access.

Just to clarify a few questions you might ask yourself, gold cannot be bought with credits, but you may get to buy credits from gold in the future. Gold coins can only be obtained through the buy credits page. People that bought credit packages in the past few weeks already received some gold in their account.

Stay tuned for the next major update, it will be revealed in a few days!!


Weird / Inappropriate ads?

If you’re seeing weird ads that pops over the page, or that have inappropriate (not kid friendly) content please check this article, you might have malware like the DealPly adware (virus) installed: