Lost Puppy

In Capital City, you can find the “Worried Puppy Owner” npc (non-player character) that will ask you to find her puppy at specific coordinates.

  1. Note the coordinates, (ex: -500, 100) can be negative and move to that location to find the puppy.
  2. Once you find the puppy, click on it and it will start following you.
  3. Don’t go too fast! if the puppy loses sight of you it will automatically return to the place you found it.
  4. When you’re next to the “Worried Puppy Owner” with the puppy, simply click on her to complete the quest and get the credits!



What are helpers?

Helpers are Chit Chat City players who are available to answer questions for other players. They do not have any special powers like moderators, but offers their help for new players or for those having trouble in the game.

Remember that helpers are available to answer questions about the game, not to handle fights between players and such.

If as an helper you wish to be off duty, simply change your title back to whatever you want.

How to become an helper

To become an helper, simply change your title to “helper”. Note that you need at least 200 hours of play time and no suspension in the past 3 months.

Finding an helper

To find an helper, simply open the online players window and look for blue tiles:




Web Club Messenger

Ever wanted to stay up to date with your club mail on the go? You can now access your clubs and chat from any web browser, including mobile (iPhone, Android, iPod, etc) smartphones and tablets!


Remember to logout when you’re done if you share your device with someone else and please let me know of any bugs in the in-game bug report tool.


Friendship day!

0Friendship day is originally celebrated on the first sunday of August, but why celebrate your relationship with your friends for only one day?
Share in the happy thought that there are others who have your back and will always try to make you smile, so this month show your friends how much you care and maybe along the way make some new friends.
Happy Friendship day everyone!!

Chit Chat City Birthday

Chit Chat City is now 5 years old!ccc-bday

This game has been a personal project and part of my everyday life for over 5 years now and I still appreciate all the challenges it brings to me. Not only it gave me valuable experience in my work field but I’m living my dream of building my own game :)

Thanks to everyone for the support and patience throughout the last few years, I still have many surprises and new stuff on my todo list, it’s far from over!

Note: I’m planning on swinging by around 7pm eastern time to celebrate!


Game Age Rating

Rating System Region Rating Category Descriptors
PEGI Europe 3 Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor iconSocial interaction functionality descriptor iconIn-app purchase option descriptor icon
USK Germany 0 Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor icon
ESRB The Americas T Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor icon
CLASSIND Brazil L Rating Symbol Não há inadequações descriptor icon
Generic 3 Rating Symbol No Descriptors descriptor icon

Chit Chat City caters mostly to “teens” (13+ years old). Due to the nature of social websites on internet, it’s nearly impossible to insure a 100% safe environment. Offensive content may be displayed or said by other players.

Language gets automatically filtered for most common “bad words”, before it gets displayed on screen. We’ve got a team of dedicated moderators volunteers that do their best to monitor the game for inappropriate content and take swift action against those who breaks the rules.

If you are not 13+ please confirm with your parent or tutor you have the permission to play.

As a parent, you can keep an eye on what you kid is doing while playing, we offer the Parent Watch Program.

Feel free to contact us if you have concerns.

Player chat logs

Hi everyone, I have added a little window in the player info window with the last 10 messages from the player. Sometimes the chat log goes by fast and you may have missed something. Note that only public messages will appear here and only messages that you normally saw appear on the screen. It won’t include messages sent in a different city, private messages (other than to you), etc so don’t worry about people seeing private messages.

June’s contest – Wild summer safari

This month’s contest is about unleashing the wild inside you!
You need to create an avatar or animal on the theme of wild safari (wild animals). You can make one entry or a whole collection, as long as its animal based and within the chit chat city rules.
Remember to put the contestant sign by your creation to enter the contest!
It’s about to become a zoo!

How to be a contestant

  • Get the “Contestant” sign from the CCC Mart in Shopping city
  • Place it in your house lot, close to the street.

How to vote

  • You can find a random contestant property by using the “Contestant” button on the map
  • Click on a contestant sign to add your vote
  • You can vote as many times as you want for different players (one vote from you by contestant will count)
  • Please don’t vote for items unrelated to the contest


Whoever gets the most votes will get these prices

  • 1st place: 10 gold coins
  • 2nd place: 5 gold coins
  • 3rd place: 2 gold coins

I can’t wait to see the results! Good luck!