New Achievement: Invites

Hi everyone, I have added a new achievement: The invites!

For those who share CCC with their friends using the Buddy link, they will now see a new achievement in your achievement list!

New “invite friends” button in the players window

To help those who wish to share and earn the referrer bonus of 10,000 credits per player invited I have added a new window to invite your friends. You can invite them using their email address, post on your favourite social media platform or copy and paste your buddy link directly.


Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 1.23.25 PM


Note that the bonus only applies if your friend accumulated over 5 hours of play time.

Thanks everyone for helping me know grow the player base of Chit Chat City!!


Rotating items on shopping block

Hi everyone, I’ve added a little update that automatically rotates the item placed on the shopping block. This will give a better view of all the sides for items. Please discuss on the forums how you like or don’t like it. Thanks

Avatar shop (again)

Hi everyone, just a quick note that I’ve relaxed the criteria to get your avatar I’m the pick so that more less popular creators have a change to have their item showcased.

Note that the picks will be done automatically every Monday.


New Avatar Shop!

avatar-shopHi everyone, I’m proud to present the new avatar shop in Shopping City. It has a whole new look thanks to Redskull and Knight for their great work, and it will automatically showcase the best avatars from Chit Chat City. Every week, a whole new selection will be made automatically from all avatars that got good sales.

If your avatar sales are good, you will have a chance to have your avatar showcased every week. The pick is random, I cannot influence the selection in any way. Of course the sales earnings will go to the creators, just as if they were purchased from their own shop :)

Have fun everyone!


Walls getting cut when you move closeby

wallsHi everyone, just a quick note to let you all know that the walls that gets cut when you move closeby is not a bug, it’s a change from the previous transparency. The idea is to see your avatar when it’s behind a wall.

I will try to make it look a bit better in the near future.


Server maintenance

Chit Chat City LogoHi everyone, just a quick note that I’ll be doing some server maintenance on monday, September 8th evening until possibly the next morning.

While the maintenance will happen, the game won’t be available. Please check here on the process updates. Thanks

Planned maintenance starts at 6pm eastern time.


Please let me know through the bug reporting tool if you get into bugs or weird problems. Thanks

Burg’s redesigned!

burgsThe new burgs is here! It’s looking awesome and thanks for everyone for their contribution!

The contest winners (top 20):

Zack, Platinum, cece24680, Forever., Ratchetness™, velvet, Peony, IamRew, Eli†Clare†Evans,
†Iviella†™, Bella Designs, Keigh, Claude., Lauren™, Sunset800, Verity, Sterlingg, Java
taylorsilk, Tomato

Special mention for those contributing players:

Redskull, eli clare evans, georgiana, watssup, verity, •bluemist•, M?kasa, Dan, Velvet<3, alexia alle, emm™


International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is designed to foster friendships and bridge the gaps between race, color, religion and other factors which keep humans from enjoying friendship with one another. Proclaimed by the UN in 2011, the purpose is to build communities and help move towards world peace.

Please join me today in celebrating the world’s diversity of cultures, beliefs and values on this day. Always keep an open mind about everyone around yourself. We are all humans and all deserve the same love and respect.



August contest: Burg’s redesign!

Hi everyone! Based on the amazing result obtained in the Cafe’s contest, I wish to give it another shot for Burg’s restaurant this time.

This contest will span over 2 weeks, until August 15th. To participate, make sure to own both the Contestant sign and the Shop block to allow me to get your item easily.

You will need to design an object related to an hamburger restaurant (floors, wall, posters, objects, etc) and place it on a shop block right next to the contestant sign in your home.

As there will be many winners for this contest, there won’t be credit prizes but instead you will earn the prestige of having your own item in the official Burg’s restaurant. I will post the names of the most contributing participants on the CCC news page.

Good luck everyone!