Chit Chat City Café

Hi everyone! For this month, I’m thinking of setting up a collaborative effort to create a Chit Chat City Café by using items created by the players.

The items should be anything from walls, floors, tables, chairs, coffee machines, wall decorations, etc.

If you wish to participate, please get the contestant sign from the CCC Mart and place it next to the item(s) you wish to promote. The most popular items will be used in the new Café.

There won’t be prizes for this contest, other than having your own items in the official CCC Café!

Thanks everyone and have fun getting creative!

March Contest Winners

Here are March’s St-Patrick car contest winners!
Congratulations everyone!

#1 Calligraphy 407 votes
#2 Maiyumi 396 votes
#3 cece24680 218 votes
#4 Keigh 189 votes
#5 diamondbloom 178 votes
#6 Friez� 178 votes
#7 ?��marley273��? 160 votes
#8 Eli�Clare�Evans 152 votes
#9 Bella_Styles 149 votes
#10 PhoebeYaaah 136 votes

specialmentionSpecial mention goes to Lzzy_Mae:
the leprechaun on the front was really adorable and very unique.

Changes to the Builder

Chit Chat City LogoHi citizens!

I have done a few changes to the builder, which should help with the players having trouble with the tabs or color picker not appearing.

  • From now on, you can close the builder and re-open it to resume your work. The automatic backup of your drawing will be restored every time you open it.
  • The restore canvas button was removed as it now automatically loads.
  • If you press on the cancel button in the builder window, your drawing won’t be saved.
  • The builder window now opens from the side and for those with high resolution monitors, you will get to see some of the chat while you draw!

Hope this helps in fixing some of your bugs!


St-Patrick’s Contest

st-patricksHi everyone! March’s contest is the best St-Patrick’s themed car! Make sure to place your contestant sign (get it from the CCC Mart) next to your creation to participate.

1st place: 100,000 credits
2nd place: 50,000 credits
3rd place: 25,000 credits

Best of luck to everyone!

Local Storage Popup

unnamedHello everyone, as some of you have seen this popup and wondering if it’s safe to accept, it’s completely safe.

To be able to restore your builder canvas it needs to be saved on your computer’s harddrive. When this popup shows up, it’s because it has reached the limit of 100K and asking to raise it to 1 megabyte.

If you click allow, it won’t appear again.



Here’s what changed with the update:

  • Performance should be improved on the server. This will allow more players and generate less lag when many players are online.
  • Suspensions and reports that happened over 1 year ago are automatically cleared. (Useful for old accounts).
  • It should be much harder to glitch in someone’s house.
  • Accounts that was not logged in for 1 year gets automatically deleted.

If you’re having issues, please feel free to comment on the forums about it.

Thanks for your patience!